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Changement de Numéro Maillot. Empty Changement de Numéro Maillot.

Message  arsenal25 le Lun 13 Juin à 23:11

Bon désolé,mais l'anglais et moi on est pas très amis.Alors j'espère Pour vous que XplOziOn traduira ce texte:

1. Open PSP.

2. Select File > Open.. and select the number style from the location on your computer.

3. It should have 256x128 width and height dimensions respectively. Now select Image > Greyscale. This converts the image to a simple black and white bitmap.

4. Now select Image > Decrease Color Depth > 16 colors (4 bit). This step is very important as it converts the bitmap to use only 16 colours and is a 4 bit BMP and not 8 bit (256 colours). If you don't do this step, it won't be possible to insert the numbers into the game.

5. Finally select File > Save as.. and save the BMP to a location on your computer.
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6. Now select Image > Resize and resize the image to 128x64. Repeat steps 3 to 5 and save the image onto your computer. Now you have the number styles in the correct formats and in two sizes, one for high resolution and one for lower resolution, ready to import into the game.

7. Open up AFS Explorer.

8. Select File > Import AFS file... and open your 0_text.afs file which is located in the 'dat' sub folder of your PES4 directory. It takes a few seconds to load, wait patiently.

9. Select Action > Search.. and type "etc_ee_tex.bin". This will quickly jump to the file that contains the number styles, saves you a bit of time trawling through the file list
10. Hover your mouse over the file and right click. From the options choose 'Export File' and save to a location on your computer. Leave AFS Explorer open in the background.

11. Now open Picture Decoder.

12. Select File > Open file.. and open the etc_ee_tex.bin file which you saved in step 10.

13. You will notice the file has 10 slots, the first two are the letter types and then the remaining 8 are for number styles, 2 for each style, split into high and low resolution numbers. Go to location for which you want to replace the numbers for. Select the 256x128x4 slot first.
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14. Select Import/Output > Import/Export Palette > Export Palette.. Save this to a location on your computer.
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15. Repeat step 14 but this time Export the Transparency and save this to a location on your computer.

16. Select Import/Output > Import/Export Full Image > Import BMP and select your 256x128 BMP which you saved from step 5.
Changement de Numéro Maillot. Numb4
17. Now we want to set the transparency and palette as the defaults so repeat steps 14 and 15 but this time Import the transparency and palette which you saved on your computer.

18. The number will disappear but this is normal, it just means the transparency is correct. As a check select Window > View Transparency Mask and you should see your number appear.
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19. Repeat steps 13 - 17 for the 128x64x4 BMP (low resolution image)

20. When all changes have been made, select File > Save File.. and overwrite the etc_ee_tex.bin file over the default. You are almost done, the hard part is complete.

21. Revert back to the open AFS Explorer. Hover over the etc_ee_tex.bin file, right click but this time choose 'Import File' and import the etc_ee_tex.bin you just saved from step 20.

22. Select File > Update and overwrite the 0_text.afs file over the original.

23. Close AFS Explorer. Load the game as normal. You should now be able to assign EPL numbers to the teams you want ingame!
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Si vous voulez ces nums;les voilà

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